Fellow subscriber Robert Y. sent in a question earlier this week (shared with permission and shortened here by me).

“How to incorporate everything I need in my training? Mobility, endurance strength. I’m retired so I have the time, but I don’t want to train 9 hours/day. As a former strength athlete I’m trying to rehabilitate my abused body focusing on cardio and some mobility stuff. Putting it all together, and working in some strength training in a workable program would be ideal.“

“I do a lot of research on the subject and have studied fitness and strength training for years, but I’ve yet to find a workable solution.”

And here’s my reply.

It’s tough to chase more than a one goal at a time.

1. What’s the level of mobility you need to feel you’ve rehabilitated your “abused” body?
2. What’s the level of cardio? 
3. What’s the level of strength you want to achieve? 

Can you set specific goals for all of them? So that you know when you get there.

Out of those three goals, what’s the most urgent? Depending on the urgency, devote 60%-80% of your available training time to reach that goal. 

Split the remaining training time between the other two goals. That should be enough to maintain them, even progress them slightly. Once you reach the first goal, rotate to the next goal on the list. 

With mobility, once you get it to a level you’re happy with, you should be able to maintain most of it with a well rounded strength program. As long as your mobility goals are not on Cirque du Soleil level.

Hope that helps!

– J