I was at a fitness seminar years ago, and one of the speakers asked that question.

Being a room full of fitness professionals, about 99.9% of the hands went up. The 0.1%? He was eating a taco and couldn’t raise a hand.

The speaker saw the hands go up. “You realise what you do is not normal for most people?”

The fitness industry is terrible at meeting you, the client, where you are at.

“Eat this. Lift this. Sleep like this. Cut that. Add that. Don’t do that. You have the same 24 hours as everyone else. WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME?!”

The fitness industry needs a paradigm shift.

It’s about cultivating a dialogue, listening, and adapting. It’s about moving from an authoritarian model to a collaborative one where your voice and experience are central to the process.

Demand that from your coach.