There are certain people who never fail to stir a cascade of negative emotions somewhere deep in my being. On top of my head: Nazis and people who don’t like mustard. But even more so, individuals who use the term “girl push ups”.

Push up is a push up regardless of the sex.

Women’s training isn’t that different compared to men’s. Sure, my female clients often like to put extra focus on different areas of the body vs men. Which then affects how the program looks. But that has nothing to do with gender. It has all to do with the training goal.

And yes, there is some science behind modifying training based on your cycle. But a simple “train based on how you feel” is as complicated as it needs to get for most.

The same big rocks matter regardless of the sex: train with consistency, pick a challenging weight and/or version of the exercise, get enough sleep, manage stress and fatigue, eat a healthy diet (and mustard), laugh often and never hold a fart for over three minutes.

Base your training around your goals and what you want, not your sex. And if you hear “girl push ups”, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.