That kind of thinking seems to fall in line with the common theme of the pointy end of health and wellness:

Humans are weak if we can’t deal with our ailments without outside help.

No painkillers. No IVF. No HRT. And definitely no vaccinations!

Only because they’re “not natural.”

But just because something is natural doesn’t instantly mean it’s better. Crocodiles are natural here where we live, but I would rather not cross paths with one.


Panadol makes your headache go away. IVF can feel like a miracle (It did for us. Twice. Not that I believe in miracles. But #science).

Vaccination means you don’t have to deal with, I don’t know, polio. And HRT can make all the difference between struggling and thriving.

Denying HRT because it’s “not natural” is like denying a smartphone and opting to call your friends with smoke signals.

Getting HRT doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re smart.

And lucky to live in a world where these treatments are available. #science