“For me home strength program was a game changer. I am very social, but this is an activity I like to do solo and I can fit it in whenever it fits in my week. Joonas also made it so I just pick the next one in the program, no matter how many days since the last one.

And even if I haven’t managed a set number of days per week, I can feel that I am stronger, and that is super cool. Plus handy when you get a new washing machine delivered :muscle:

– Current client

For context, all her training programs are full-body workouts with a flexible schedule that suits her. So she doesn’t have to worry about missing a “leg day” and then trying to figure out when to fit it in when the next plan says “arm day”.

Since all workouts are full-body, there’s no set weekly structure. All she has to focus on is the next workout on the list.

That, and unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, splitting the workouts by body parts is absolute nonsense.