For eight months, I had a new, Costco-size bag of creatine sitting in the cupboard. Staring at me daily with its piercing orange label. For eight months, I had all the best intentions to open it tomorrow.

Then tomorrow would come, and I’d think, I can’t even. I’ll do it tomorrow.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I kept putting it off because I knew the bag was annoying to pull out, open up, and then try to reach into without spilling the content all over the kitchen floor. And then try to rewind that whole sequence to get the bag in the cupboard? I can’t even.

One evening, I mustered the little willpower I had left at 6pm and pulled the sucker out. I filled a small takeaway container with creatine which I then put next to the vitamin D I take with an obsessive devotion.

I haven’t missed a day of creatine since.

The moral of the story?

Friction, however tiny or ridiculous, is a stubborn donkey. And often, the easiest path forward is by shoving it out of the way.