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I don’t have the exact numbers on this, but somewhere around 99% of the health and fitness marketing and advice for women revolves around looks.

Amazon returned these book (sub)heads with ‘women fitness’:

Walking for Weight Loss, A Strong, Lean Body for Life, Interval Weight Loss for Women, Thinner Leaner Stronger, Lift To Get Lean…

While it’s understandable that looks matter to most, it’s misguided to think it’s the number one concern for everyone. Who decided that looks is the main narrative?

Whatever happened to feeling strong, powerful and full of energy?

Unfortunately, only a few women are ever satisfied with how their body looks. But I have to wonder, how much of this feeling is amplified by the mainstream fitness narrative of the slim, toned body?

This narrative is not only narrow in its definition. But also unattainable for most women because of body proportions, genetics, and, I don’t know, raising kids, working and other important commitments in life.

How much more content would you feel about your body if you didn’t see constant reminders of this weight loss/aesthetics narrative?

I can’t change that. But I can contribute to a healthier, more productive narrative.

In my emails, you will not find tips on how to build a Kardashian butt. Because fuck that noise.

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