Here’s what it takes to live vigorously. To age gracefully. And to have a healthier relationship with fitness.

First, the commitment to regular practice. The practice of learning a new skill. For some it’s touching toes for the first time since pasta salad and sundried tomatoes were hip.

For another, it’s about getting ten pullups. And for someone else, it’s simply the practice of being active. It could be a full workout. Or a walk, a bike ride, or a swim. Maybe it’s just a few stretches while watching Billions.

It could take 90 minutes. Or just long enough to heat the leftover pumpkin lasagne in the microwave. We’re ticking a box. Every day. And we will slowly become the person who is physically active, daily.

Second, the commitment to moving at our own pace. To worry less about what others do. And focusing on what pace is right for you. For today.

Third, the commitment to ‘compete’ only with our self. Trying to become little better each day.

Fourth, the commitment to plateaus and boredom. To show up, not because we’re motivated to do it, but because we made the commitment to regular practice. See the first commitment.

I’m sure there’s more. But that seems enough for now.