Our current culture of social media fame amplifies the loudest, and most narcissistic. The online narrative of the fitness industry is a shadow of a butt away from soft porn. It’s what gets the most “hearts”. And because those hearts are a cheap signal of success, there’s no shortage of the content.

And so we, the fitness industry, go the lazy route: skin gets likes. Each one being a virtual stroke on the ego. But there’s a price. It further alienates those who really need our help: the non-fitness people. That’s you.

We, the fitness industry, are too self absorbed. We are too lazy to observe and listen what the people most of us are meant to serve want and need. We think we know what you want. We are certain we know your needs. After all, we follow the likes.

We fail. We take shortcuts and anchor our content, not on what gets people to think and act. But on arousal and what gets the quick like and creates the most publicity. Making this whole circus a painful alternative reality.

The point of this rant? Not sure if there is one. But it’s worth noticing if the mainstream fitness narrative is pushing you down or lifting you up. Every “heart” is a vote for more of the same.

Then again. What do I know? Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a photo of me doing the naked splits on two eagles while licking caramel ice cream off a third.

Also, I can’t do the splits. And I’ve eaten way too much cake lately. Both to go naked or to stand on eagles.