Related to this post, I’d like to know what podcasts you listen to? Regardless of the genre. Please hit reply and share. Anyhow, here’s today’s post.

Have (or listen to) conversations with people who have already achieved (and can maintain) what you want to achieve with your health and fitness. Ask them about the tools they’ve learned.

And then copy those tools.

But also, Batman probably shouldn’t go to Superman for advice on how to fly. Because regardless of the technical nuance and unbottled enthusiasm that Superman can convey to Batman about how he spreads his arms and clenches his butt and twinkles his toes to fly, Batman’s not going to fly anywhere without getting propelled by some form of transportation.

So, it helps to adopt the tools from people who are like you. Folks you can relate to. Talk to Annie next door. Not Rynold Joseph Magnolia The V who has naughty dreams about barbells and the darker shades of broccoli and carries a teaspoon in his chest pocket just in case he has to measure how much standard Dijon mustard he puts in his salad dressing.

Because WTF and yeah I will definitely not ever do that.


ps. About those podcasts. I’d love to know. Just hit reply and share.