I am all for people searching for information, knowledge and wisdom on how to live the healthiest life possible. I respect anyone who relentlessly seeks answers to the struggles they may face. To those who want to know how to live to be the absolutely best version of themselves.

But aiming for perfection is just another form of procrastination. Yes, you can try to find the next best thing. The next “low-carb diet”. One more podcast interview or case study. But I doubt that it’s worth the effort. You already know enough, for now.

There’s a time when it’s time to take a break from researching and reading. A hard stop of turning all that knowledge into action.

For most people, knowing the basics is enough. It’s definitely enough to get started. The reason for not seeing results isn’t because you missed out on some new revolutionary training or diet advice. More likely, it’s because you didn’t consistently show up to do the basics.