As long as you keep thinking of training and exercise as “the thing I enjoy doing” you’ll keep running into the mentally barbed wire obstacles of low motivation and diminished willpower. Regardless of how many positive shivers you feel towards training today, there will be days when, much like scooping up strangers dog poop, it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

Instead of trying to break through those obstacles, it’s better to bypass them altogether. To do so, you’ll have to introduce a new way of thinking. You need to eliminate the word “enjoy” from training.

So instead of training being “the thing I enjoy doing”, it’ll become “the thing I do”.

As is with work, you can’t stop going to work (or working from home, as most of us do now) just because you don’t feel like it. Well, you can for a while. But it takes only so long before your employer, clients or your customers will get the shits with your purely hedonistic “here’s what I feel like doing today” pursuits.

Like with work, accept that there will be days when the thought of training and exercise feels like someone asking if there’s a possibility for them to insert a pineapple up your butt. But, regardless of how you feel about pineapples, the feeling becomes irrelevant.

Turn up, do the training, go for a walk, get your exercise in. And feel better once it’s done.