Fat loss doesn’t always have to be this epic battle. We often start fat loss by focusing on what we’re doing “wrong”. Which leads us to ruthlessly cutting out food items.

There’s something about the human psyche that yarns for a painful challenge. We think that to get anything even remotely rewarding in life requires us to choose the steepest, iciest side of the mountain. If there’s fire and eagles and angry mountains goats, even better.

Sure, cutting down on Oreos has its place. Reducing sweets and grease (but definitely not Grease!) is a non-negotiable when trying to lose fat. But cutting down on sweets and grease on its own is rarely a sustainable change.

There’s a reason we crave for Oreos. All 85+ flavours of Orios. (Yep, just looked it up. And I’d like to point out that some of the flavour choices are questionable. Hot Chicken Wings Oreos anyone?). Most of the time, the reason for our cravings is the lack of proper food. You know, things like fibrous vegetables, filling carbs and protein. And stuff.

It’s a combination of not getting enough nutrients and calories that lights up the neon sign above the Oreo section. Cutting out Oreos won’t reduce our craving. It’ll make our cravings worse. Because you know what’s the one thing that we want the most in this world? The Oreo we can’t have. Especially when we’re hungry as it is.

By all means, cut down on sweets and grease. But double down on what you’re already doing well. If you’re already eating a portion of vegetables with each meal, have two. Or three for those who struggle with maths. If you’re physically active, maybe you need to eat more carbs. You might need it. It’ll help you stay fuller for longer.

Dim that Oreo neon sign by eating more food. And when you do occasionally have a cookie, you can be confident that in the long-term it won’t make a damn difference to your fat loss efforts. Just don’t make it that Hot Chicken Wing version. Because that shit just can’t be good for anyone.