If you value the convenience of food but try to follow an elaborate cooking schedule to reach your goals, there’s a clash.

If you’re eating strict meals because they align with your goals, but you value the culture and connection around food, there’s a clash.

Let’s say you value feeling energetic in the morning, but the few glasses of wine each night make you feel lousy when the alarm goes off; there’s a clash.

Conversely, if you value socialising, wine tastings and organising get-togethers, maybe a moderate amount of alcohol could be a part of your plan.

What about exercise? Do you value performance so you can finish a marathon or complete a challenging hike? Or do you prefer efficiency so you can move on to other things with your day?

There are many ways to reach your goals. But things get a hell of a lot easier when your actions and habits match the values you hold high in your life.