Copy of It's So Easy

This post is all about me. But anyone can apply it to get to know themselves better.

I am not a life coach or such. I share these following thoughts because I’ve noticed what a difference they make in my life. And if by reading this one of you decides to try the same and it’ll make a difference in your life, that’s amazing. That’s all I can ask for.
You and I live privileged lives, we have the freedom to choose. Not everyone in this world can say the same. Let’s not spend this opportunity doing the things that don’t matter. One chance, might as well make it a good one while it lasts.
Sometimes it’s just good to stop and think. That’s it.

When your brain is churning through information with a speed of R2D2 everything can feel like a mash of haze without clear thoughts. We are living in the biggest information overload ever seen. You’ve got social media, 24 hour news and you can reach any book in 10 seconds flat with a click of a button.
All this information can also paralyze us. Too much to process becomes too much to deal with.  It’s good to take a deep breath once in a while to stop and write your thoughts down. Who knows what you might find.
In my opinion journaling is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and who you are, today. Once you write everything down you might realize that you are not the same person as you once knew. That can be scary, but also exciting as you realize how much you’ve grown and how your thinking has changed.
Maybe you realize that you’ve been chasing the wrong goal; what you once held important is that no more. Or your goal remains the same but the road you’ve chosen is not the path you want to take. You might need a new map altogether as your destination is not on the map that you are currently observing.
Not everything you will find will be achieved with easy changes. You might have to take a step back before stepping two forward.

It’s all about freedom. Once you have clarity you can take action to focus on the things that matter to you without feeling guilty of letting other things slip away.

Write down the things that you enjoy and see how they align with what you do at the moment. You might need some course correction

All this works in fitness as well, you need a destination and a plan to get there. I’ve written about it in the past, to learn more read through these two articles:
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What’s your first step?