We know it’s true with food. Nutritionally poor diet not only has a negative physical effect on us. But a heavy diet of onion rings and Cap’n Crunch also acts as acid for our thinking. Information is no different.

We become what we consume.

When we live off cheap and clickbaity content, it’ll end up eroding our thoughts. The more we consume this cheap and addictive information, the more we believe it. The more vigorously we nod our way forward.

If most of the content you read and watch are the promises of quick fixes and express gateways to results, it’s a big ask to appreciate an offer that asks for a delayed gratification. Why put in the work when you don’t have to? I

It’s no surprise that the wolf of instant gratification runs rampant in our society.

This leaves people jumping from diet to diet and never sticking to a training program. It’s the same reason people fork out cash to go on grapefruit juice detoxes and green coffee bean fat loss programs.

Most of us find these offers ridiculous. Deep down, we know they can’t be true. Yet we keep falling, falling, falling for them. Because of the instant gratification fast food information diet, we keep searching for an impossible answer.

O’Brien was onto something when he said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” I’d add, who controls your present controls your future.

One addictive click at a time.

– J