Be someone who refuses to have off days with movement. A person who engages in some form of intentional physical activity each day. Regardless of how insignificant that activity might seem.

Sure, it’s pleasant when life goes to plan and we can engage in a full training session or go for a 60 minute walk. But alas, there are days when despite all our brilliant plans it’s impossible to even contemplate spending 30 minutes training, walking or playing.

Sometimes these days turn into a week. It’s tempting to lift the arms up and surrender to life’s distractions. But there’s an alternative.

On those frantic days, what’s the smallest action you can take to keep the momentum going? What little effort would build on the identity you’ve set for yourself?

It could be a single push up, a brief pause in a deep squat or a downward dog. Whatever. It can seem insignificant. But it can have a tremendous impact on how you see yourself and the future actions you take.