In January, I decided to put more emphasis on low-intensity cardio. You know, for heart health and all that.

Two kids and working from home really zaps my activity levels.

The late afternoon* was the only time I could fit in a decent cardio session without taking an angle grinder to everyone else’s routine. But I was already using that time for strength training.

Obviously, I didn’t want to forfeit strength training altogether. But I had to compromise.

Instead of doing a dedicated block of strength in the afternoon, I now do five or so minutes every hour I sit in the office, which adds up to about 20-30 minutes three or four days a week.

Is it ideal? Far from it. But it’s the best workaround I could think of where I could still at least maintain my strength.

But most importantly, it leaves me a decent chunk in the afternoon for a walk**.


*Well, except late in the evening. But there are just too many moving pieces at that point in the day.
**Like now when I should really leave for a walk instead of typing this.