Coaching Program

Coaching Program

For years you’ve selflessly put the needs of others ahead of your own. It’s left you feeling lethargic, unfit and weak.

Maybe it’s time to refocus on self-care?

You want to regain your strength to live a vigorous life outdoors. To escape the busy city life and enjoy the silence while hiking. Not to compete, but to explore and complete. Not to rush, but to reconnect with nature, yourself and the people you love.

And you want to get there in a way that doesn’t require you to fundamentally change the way you live your life.

You don’t want to be a gym junkie. You prefer to train at home in your own space without other people’s smells, sweats, and all the umph! umph! umph!

You love food. You don’t want to follow a restrictive meal plan that some fitness nut dictates to you.

My promise to you.

I will promise that you will become a person who welcomes each new day with energy. You will feel confident about yourself. Both physically and mentally.

You will change how you age. Instead of being nervous and worried, you will feel confident about the future.

Instead of feeling physically reserved because of pain and lack of strength and fitness, you will have the courage that feeds your desire to explore. You’ll have the strength, energy and confidence to enjoy the nature.

“I had my apprehensions about signing up for coaching. For one, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the commitment. I was also hesitant because of the fear of doing something that’s way out of my comfort zone. But I was also adamant that if I am serious about improving my health, I should give it a go.

What’s different about Joonas compared to other trainers I’ve met in the past is how personable he is. It’s his ability to make me feel comfortable, which put me at ease. Especially when I was just starting out. When I first met him, he asked a lot of questions about my goals and the reasons behind them. And genuinely wanting to know the type of person I am.

Apart from being a great trainer, Joonas is a great listener with insightful tips and information to help me take better care of my body and even mind.

My initial goals were to become stronger and to improve my overall health. In nine months, I’ve gotten noticeable improvements in both. I also have more energy and stamina for cycling, hiking and everyday life with friends and family.

My body is changing for the better without having to follow gruelling workouts, restrictive diets, or eating plans.” – Mesh K.

It’s not right for everyone. But it might be right for you.

I promise you won’t always enjoy it. Even reasonable change requires patience, introspection, and consistent work. It will take time. Probably longer than you’d like.

You will at times feel challenged and vulnerable. It will be uncomfortable.

But I promise it will be worth your investment in trust, time, effort and money. As we focus on taking it one new habit at a time, you will learn how to maintain your results for good. All the while enjoying life and the things that you love.

Client-centred coaching is like a dance.

I will provide you with support, accountability, clarity, and direction so you can stop second guessing what to do.

What I can’t do is drag you to your goals by being a drill sergeant yelling and dictating meals plans, cookie cutter solutions or injecting fake motivation.

We have to move together as a team. Sometimes you eat ice cream. Sometimes you don’t. That’s life.

Sounds like your jam? Here’s the plan.

1. Fill out the coaching application below.
2. Video Strategy Session on Zoom to see whether this coaching program is the right fit for you. Comes with my no-hard-sale promise. We’ll deep dive into your goals, history, and other factors in your life. If all is swell:
3. Movement screen to guide your training program design and to learn how to perform the basic exercises safely.
4. You’ll receive a training program based on your body and your goals. Simple home workouts.. Two or three days a week. Roughly 30-40 minutes each time. The program updates as you progress.
5. Weekly/biweekly video lessons covering reasonable lifestyle and nutrition habits. Tailor the habit to your level, instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach.
6. All the coaching takes place in the training app. + Ask questions. Submit technique checks. And more.
7. Show up. Lean in. Do the work. For a minimum of six months.

Price and the not-so-small print.

Price is AUD $400 per month, or $2100 up front, including GST.

This is online coaching program with a six month minimum commitment. Sustainable results take time. If you only want a training plan, it’s not for you.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Your smart phone or tablet
  • 2 x 2 meters of space
  • A super-simple home gym set up:
    • Exercise mat
    • Most women: Dumbbells/Kettlebells 8-10kg and 12-15kg (or an adjustable set)
    • Suspension trainer


If you are not satisfied with the results you’re getting, I will refund 100% of the money you have invested in my services. No questions asked. And I’ll donate $500 to a cause of your choice. As long as it’s not the Australian Nazi Party. Or any Nazi party, for that matter.

And in case you’re interested
Code of Ethics
10 Principles for Training