Know When To Stop

The world is plagued with the mindset of more. Work longer hours and sacrifice sleep so you can make more money to buy a bigger house. Buy more stuff to fill up the empty space. Owning more shit doesn’t mean that you are doing better in life. It just means that you own more shit.…

Commonalities in People Who Ace It with Training

I am fortunate to have had long-term personal training students, both current and in the past. And over time I’ve come to see some commonalities among those who get great, sustainable results with their training. And that’s what this post is all about.

Two Techniques for Training When You Don’t Feel Like Showing Up

I’ve read about this technique before regarding productivity but didn’t honestly think much of it. I’ve been revisiting a lot of topics lately to see if I would have a different outlook on them on the second, or the third, or the fourth time around. Somehow this carries to training too.

Why You Don’t Need to Train Like an Athlete

When we are higher than the 5th priority in our clients lives, we are doing something wrong – Steven “Coach Stevo” Ledbetter The above quote gave me few thoughts that I want share so you can get the absolute best out of your approach to health and fitness. It also got me thinking what I can…

Training Template For The Time-Poor

  Often people don’t get anywhere with their fitness goals due poor (or non-existent) training planning. Or worse, people keep going through cycles of getting injured. Hey, I know how it’s like. I used to be one of those people.

What Did I Learn From a Recent Failure?

Few posts ago I mentioned about my 60 day pull up challenge. I started with 10 pull ups on Day One, adding a rep each day and aiming to finish with 70 reps on the last day. It’s a cool little challenge and definitely doable if you have a bit of a base on doing pull ups. I’ve done it in the past…

Practice – Don’t Just Try to Be Better at Exercising

Let’s make a deal. No longer will we call the work done in the gym ‘exercise’. Nope, none of that. Instead each time you hit thy gymnasium we shall call it ‘training’. You are not (I hope not!) only going to the gym to get good at exercise. Getting good at exercise means that you are…