F*ck Cheat Meals

I had a great dinner the other night when I caught up for beers with few mates. I ate beer battered fish and chips with tartar sauce and shared two massive plates of chilli cheese fries. I flushed it all down with four beers and two ciders. It was glorious. And […]

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Confessions Of a Personal Trainer: What Do I Eat

A while back Tony Gentilcore wrote a series of blog posts titled Confessions of an introverted strength coach. I will steal his headline (that he stole from a movie) for this blog post and write my own confessions. This might even become a series. It seems to surprise people when […]

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Evil Carbs. Amazing Superfoods. Magic Diet.

There, I just proved a point. The sensationalism in the headline surely caught your attention. Don’t feel too bad, it’s not just you. It’s all of us until we build up our bullshit-radar. It’s easy to fall into thinking that harder is better when every source of “creditable” fitness information tells […]

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