Are You Getting Functional Training All Wrong?

“Functional training is only functional when your body is functioning well.”
Dr. Andreo Spina

Ah, functional training, one of the many great fitness buzzwords. Remember when being functional was synonymous with arm curls on a Bosu ball and back squatting on Swiss ball. Yep, we used to call it functional. Luckily things have moved on and most folks now understand that stuff that’s great for circus and Instagram isn’t always the stuff that actually serves a purpose in real life.

Unless that purpose is Instagram, or circus.

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Insights from Move Strong’s Kettlebell Workshop

I acknowledge that 99% of my readers are not health and fitness professionals. I will briefly explain what the workshop was about and then go into how you can improve your kettlebell training.

I recently took part in Move Strong’s An Introduction to Kettlebells for Rehabilitation and Performance –  workshop in Sydney.  The founders of Move Strong, Matt and Andrea, both chiropractors, have noticed a void in the industry and are on a mission to educate other clinicians, as well as personal trainers on how to better serve our patients and clients.

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How to Fix Back Pain

Chains. Heavy. Also, this could be an entrance to Batman’s wine cellar. Keeping that sneaky Robin from drinking all the Merlot.

I am no stranger to back pain. There are more than few clients I see that have either had or a still dealing with the bane of back pain. And I’ve had my fair share of back issues in the past.

There is just something wrong about the evolution of the human animal. Wait, maybe it’s that the human animal hasn’t kept up with the fast-paced evolution of the world around it. The world raced from active manual labor (not that heavy manual labour was making great backs either) to days of prolonged sitting.

Alas, instead of cursing the world for what it has become and done to our lumbar spine and transverse processes, let’s instead see what you can do to feel better.

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Good vs Bad Fitness Hacks

Anything you say, I believe.

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How to Be as Flexible as JCVD (in the 80’s)

Strength. Control. Flexibility. Grace. And trees. Trees are good too.


Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg.
Jean-Claude Van Damme.

A man who moves smoother than Morgan Freeman’s voice and drops into splits faster than you can say “moules-frites”. If, god forbid, you ever get into a situation where you are required to talk dirt and handle splits and scissor kicks, you need JCVD on your side. 

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Simple Way to Improve Joint Health

Mad finger joints 

Before I unleash this monster of a post to your eyeballs: I am experimenting a new posting schedule. I’ll try to make every second post a more technical, relevant to what I am studying yadi yadi yadi stuff. That being said, if you bear reading through them you will get value out of of each one.

If you feel like a certain post is not for you, come back for the next one and hopefully it is something that cranks your camel, humps your tractor and oils your iPad.


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Movement Integrity and Why It Matters

Movement Integrity and Why It Matters

I’ve missed a chance working with a person because I wasn’t willing to put them through the latest gut-wrenching, head-exploding, high intensity workout that they’ve seen on TV or in magazines. I’ve lost clients because at the end of their session they were not spitting their pancreas out on the gym floor. Continue reading