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Spandex Not Compulsory – What is it about?

Spandex Not Compulsory – What is it about?

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am the one on the right.


Here’s the lowdown on Spandex Not Compulsory. (If you are new here, here’s a quick recap: book in progress, out soon).

Who is it for? Who is it NOT for? Should you buy it? Does it come with elf stickers? 

First, let me tell you who it is not for. It is not for those who adore spandex, fake-tan, counting calories and have the time to train more than Arnold did in the 70’s.

Now that that’s out of the way, who is it for then? Do people who don’t adore spandex even read books? Well…

It is a book for the busy grownups who struggle with time and motivation. For those who want to get more out of life by becoming stronger, fitter and more confident. But refuse to devote their life to restrictive fitness rules.

To see results you need an approach that fits your life. Yes, locking yourself in the basement, away from life’s temptations works. Or, you could learn the flexible principles that allow you to ace work and enjoy life.

In the book you’ll discover:

–     How to find motivation and stop relying on willpower

–     How to find more time for exercise

–     How training and healthy eating can work with an ever-changing schedule

–     Results-driven habits that allow you to enjoy life

–     A 12-week training program for a strong and resilient body

–     Access to the online bonus section

–     Free unisex spandex bodysuit*

–     And so much more

*Ok, spandex bodysuit is definitely not included.

Excited? If not, I hope I at least got a tiny thrill happening somewhere deep inside of you. The book will be on sale at Amazon the first week it’s out, both on Kindle and Paperback. And yes, still aiming for 14th of May, currently getting the typesetting and interior formatting done.

If you’ve got any questions, please email me. Even if it’s about the elf stickers.

The Future You Wants You to Stop Skipping Workouts. Mmmkay…

The Future You Wants You to Stop Skipping Workouts. Mmmkay…

Photo by Paul Frenzel

I picked up a great advice from the recent episode of Bettercast with Steven Ledbetter and Julie Dirksen where they dwelled into the skills of teaching.

Ask this simple question when you are about to skip a workout, about to walk through the golden arches for dinner, or when reaching for the third piece of double chocolate brownie. Especially if those things seem to be something that you are doing with a too much of a frequency.

Use the future based thinking to propel you forward, to tighten up the shoes and to pull on your best pair of training shorts. And not necessary in that order.

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The Fitness Excitement Rollercoaster & How To Deal with It-ish

The Fitness Excitement Rollercoaster & How To Deal with It-ish

I barely have the stomach for un-turbo rollercoster, let alone TURBO.


If you are just starting with your health and exercise routine, this post will give a peek a into the future and what to expect. And if you are a more experience trainee… well, this might act as nice reminder. So you’ll remember not to forget.

When down the track you feel disheartened remember that 99% of folks who start a fitness routine go through these same steps. It’s almost as common as the urge to fart after drinking milk. Yet nobody talks about it because it’s not cool. Unless you are part of the special lactose intolerance – circles (or SLIC for short).

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The Hard Fact About Motivation

The Hard Fact About Motivation

The Hard Fact About Motivation

We are what we repeatedly do. – Aristotle

Motivation increases as we make promises to ourselves and keep them. The size of the promise doesn’t matter. By doing what you said you’d do you’ll empower yourself for future success. You’ll increase the awareness of self-control and licence yourself to accept more responsibility of your life.

When you hold on to your promise you will build integrity and become the person who does what you said you would do. As much as you want motivation to be something that you’ll get from somewhere else, it is already in you. Motivation is not a feeling. It’s an activity that you’ll do.



This can be a bitter pill to knock back. It means that you are responsible for your own actions and therefore motivation. Start treating motivation as a discipline to follow through with the task that you’ve decided or promised to do.

No longer can you wake up in the morning and not do a task because you are not motivated to do so. You have to admit that you don’t have the discipline to do it this very morning.

You have to admit that you don’t have the discipline to do it.

I don’t feel like writing on every single morning. I struggle with the motivation to get started and would rather read a book or do something else that doesn’t require me to rub my creativity knuckle.

As of writing this, I am fighting the urge to take the dog out instead of writing. But I’ve made myself a promise to be a writer, and what do writers do? They show up and write, even when they don’t feel like it. And that’s why I am sitting here writing, while resisting the begging eyes of Bear the Dog.

Neither do I always feel like lifting weights. And for the last six weeks it has been something that I have “had to do” instead of something I’ve been looking forward to each day. But a long time ago I made a deal with myself that I will look after my health and lifting weights is a big part of it. It’s what I do. Whether I always feel like it or not.

And that’s why I will lift again later on today. Besides, I do always feel better after, so there’s that.

Once you let the daily fluctuations in your feelings to drive your behavior, you’ll forever be at the mercy of them

Sure, tasks are more enjoyable when I do enjoy them but I know that if I have the discipline to show up when I don’t feel like it, the tide will eventually turn. It’s happened before and it will happen again. During low “motivation” it’s crucial to stick with it.

Once you let the daily fluctuations in your feelings to drive your behavior, you’ll forever be at the mercy of them. You wave in and out of habits and routines of getting things done. You’ll follow “let’s see what I feel like doing” instead of “this is what I have to get done”. And that’s how you build consistency and get results over time. Not by waiting for the next wave of motivation to rise.



Where most of us of us take a misstep though is that we focus on wrong goals and activities that don’t align with our deeper values. The analogy that the productivity wizard Stephen R. Covey uses in The 7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is that you’ll end up climbing the wrong ladder.

It is challenging to climb a ladder that is not something that truly matters to you. So it’s harder to have the discipline to do what you set out to do. And even if you get to the top after all that struggle you don’t get the feeling of fulfillment because the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

And yes, I’ve tried to climb plenty of wrong ladders.

If you’ve been struggling with something lately and have found yourself spinning them wheels, there is a chance that you need to question why you do (or don’t do) the things you do. Because once you have a goal that you truly want to achieve, you will have, not the motivation, but the discipline to do it.

Ok, I am off to take Bear The Dog for a walk.

What Is The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy That You Keep Telling Yourself?

What Is The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy That You Keep Telling Yourself?

What is the self-fulfilling prophecy that you keep telling yourself-

“I hate exercise.”
“I am a terrible cook.”
“I am not a morning person.”
“I am a highly-gifted procrastinator.”
“My feet pronate. Therefore I suck at life.”

Any of those sound familiar? Maybe not, maybe your’s is something different. But guaranteed that most of us have some form of self-fulling prophecy that we keep telling to ourselves. And it’s a cop-out that keeps you from changing the status quo.

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How to Escape The Debilitating Mind Jail

How to Escape The Debilitating Mind Jail

How to Escape The Mind Jail

Learn to look at things as a great opportunity rather than a pressure situation where you can make a mistake. – Jarmo Kekalainen (GM of Columbus Blue Jackets)

When you are facing a tough situation (or just any situation) and don’t believe that you can do it, you are blocking the road ahead. Or at least making the road a lot harder to travel than it has to be. Mindset that we hold plays a huge, and often ignored part in being able to achieve goals not only in training but in life.

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Do You Want It? Or Do You Need It?

Do You Want It? Or Do You Need It?

Do You Want it- Or Do You Need it- (1)

How many times in the past have you gotten excited about starting a new exercise routine, diet plan, planned a daily time for mediation or set in motion some other mind-bending and body-transforming activity? And how many times have you stopped before things even properly took off?

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Reasons and Fixes for Low Motivation

Reasons and Fixes for Low Motivation

Reasons for Low Motivation

If the times of of low-motivation are frequent in your life it might be worth digging deeper and discovering why your motivation keeps fading. Different people will have different reasons for it. I’ve listed few major issue below. This list, by no means, is comprehensive but they are the most common issues I’ve come across with clients (or myself for that matter).

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