Is Fitness Only a Band-Aid for Poor Health?

“The health of the human body is ultimately dependent of the health and the habitat of the community” – Frank Forencich I am currently reading, and inspired by Frank Forencich’s The Art is Long: Big Health and the New Warrior Activist – book. Although the name could be taken as spiritual, mystic, new-age twist, it’s…

“I Train so I Can Eat”

“I train so I can eat.” This is something I often hear when people state their reasons for training. Everyone’s entitled to have their reasons but I don’t like this one. It’s a doomed thought process that easily leads into train more, eat less-, or train more, eat more – mentality.

Three Days of Non-Gym Fitness

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I am a big proponent of two aspects of fitness: Doing fitness-stuff outside of the gym Doing fitness-stuff inside the gym to be better at the fitness-stuff outside of the gym

Good vs Bad Fitness Hacks

We love hacks. The quick fixes, the shortcuts, the simple solutions that promise to solve our most complex issues. Most hacks give us a false sense of hope that we can skip the long road ahead. They lure us away from the actual work in hopes of an easier way.

When You Feel Unmotivated

We all have times when we are on the verge of stopping because the goal just feels too enormous and intimidating. Maybe the goal looks like a small dot in the horizon. Maybe it feels like an unbearable mountain with vertical walls, jammed with barbed-wire and razor blade obstacles. And manned machine guns. Most people…

Game Changers for a Better Health

I got the idea for this week’s post after scrolling through Dan John’s online forum. Someone posted their five game changers that have given them the biggest boost towards a better health. As I’ve written in the past I don’t always see health and fitness part of the same goal. You can be very fit…