When You Feel Unmotivated

We all have times when we are on the verge of stopping because the goal just feels too enormous and intimidating. Maybe the goal looks like a small dot in the horizon. Maybe it feels like an unbearable mountain with vertical walls, jammed with barbed-wire and razor blade obstacles. And manned machine guns. Most people…

Conquering Donut Cravings

  As is with most great blog post ideas (even if I say it myself), this too came while having a chat with one of my clients last week. He’s been trying to find ways to curb down his sugar consumption and was able to do so with a very simple shift in mindset.

Why Your Habits Don’t Work

In our private coaching group Rage Against The Calorie Counting (it’s funny, you can laugh) we work together to implement healthier habits over a long period of time. Our simple goal is to make healthy eating and movement part of life that eventually become your second nature. And in order to do so we focus on…

“To-Do” or “To-Not-Do”?

When changing habits there’s a lot of advice on how to insert positive habits that over time will flood your life and override any unhealthy habits that you might have. But just because it’s common advice dispensed by everyone (including myself) it doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to go about changing habits.

Habit Change Made Ridiculously Simple

We can make diet changes, training routines or any other new and challenging task easier over time by learning to rely on our habit building and changing process. We want to make it as easy and automated as possible.  Habits provide structure for your life. They make the daily tasks easier for the brain so…

One Habit Better Than Willpower

Planning ahead for obstacles will dramatically improve your chances of winning in life. Major storm heading your way? Better plan an exit strategy or a way to storm-proof your house. A Christmas party with the family? Better plan an exit strategy or a way to storm-proof your house.

Seize The Decision Points to Improve Eating Habits

In his book Two Awesome Hours Josh Davis draws from his experience in neuroscience and writes on how to be effective with our work instead of solely focusing on efficiency. He explains how to use biology to work for us instead of against us. It’s science and stuff. One of the biggest themes of his book is…