Goals Setting

Course Corrections: Do More Things You Enjoy

This post is all about me. But anyone can apply it to get to know themselves better. I am not a life coach or such. I share these following thoughts because I’ve noticed what a difference they make in my life. And if by reading this one of you decides […]

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Align Your Goals with Your Values

It’s crucial to base your fitness goals in the values that mean something to you. Finding your “why” is important when setting up goals but it is as important (if not more importarter – I can say that, it’s my blog) to discover or revisit your values before just putting empty words […]

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Mission Statement for Life …and why You need one

Hah! I knew a skull photo would get your attention! Must be all the residue from the recent Soundwave festival I went to last weekend. The post itself is not gloomy, quite the opposite actually as it can have a positive impact on how you  priorities things in your life. So without a […]

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