Comfort and Happiness Are Often Incompatible

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– a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

When looking at the above definition of comfort you’d think that the meaning of life is the eternal search for that very thing. Everything about it sounds like the most tranquil place on earth. A place where you get showered with gummi bears while watching unicorns play catch with mermaids. Or, failing that, barbeques and ballgames. Continue reading

You Can’t Out-Train Unhealthy Diet

A bus who tried to out-drive unhealthy petrol.
A bus who tried to out-drive unhealthy petrol.

There is no doubt that training more and with higher intensities will give you more flexibility with your diet. It can help you build a buffer zone calorie-wise so that the extra piece of aunt Betty’s cheese cake is less likely to park itself on your hips. Continue reading

Why and How to Stop Training for Fat Loss

Why and How to Stop Training for Fat Loss

For most people the first introduction to exercise is all about losing weight or keeping the weight off. Sure, there are those few rare exceptions that just start because of some other reason, but even then it’s often “I have a [insert a non-fat loss problem or an injury]. But I would also like to lose weight”. Continue reading

The 4 Unspoken and Uncomfortable Issues Why Fat Loss Is Hard

The 4 Unspoken Issues Why Fat Loss Is Hard
If it hasn’t worked so far it’s time to look beyond the box you’ve been stuck in


When a long-lasting fat loss struggle has been synonymous with your life it might be tempting to jump into a short, extremely restricted diet that promises the loss of 10kg in 10 weeks. It is tempting because these programs are marketed as those shiny, silver bullets that I, so greatly, despise. I mean that’s what you see in the Biggest Loser and other shows so it must the way to go. Well, no. Continue reading

If You Struggle with Fat Loss

If You Struggle with Fat Loss

“There is another word for self-discipline. It is patience”. – Henepola Gunaratana

There is no “secret sauces” in achieving the body that you want. There is no magic tricks or lifestyle hacks to speed up your process of improving how your body feels, looks and functions. There’s only so many books you can read because eventually you’ll have to bite the bullet and do the hard stuff. And fat loss can be as hard at it gets. There is no special pill for you to swallow that’ll take all your problems and issues away. Not even Dr. Oz can help you here, no matter what he might want you to believe.  Continue reading

Thoughts on… VI: Stress, Habits, Mindfulness

Once every 3-4 months, I go through all my notes that I’ve written down and do a roundup post of what has been going through my head. Thoughts and quotes from books and actions that I’ve found helpful for me or for my clients. Your mind can work for you or against you when trying to reach you fitness goals.  For the Parts I – V, check the links below this post. Without further due, here’s the Part VI  where I ponder mindfulness, habits and stress.

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Thoughts On… IV: Fat Loss and Movement

Fat loss and movemen
Once again t’s time to collect my random thoughts in a bullet point format and set them free for the world (hey mum!) to see. These are random notes that I keep on Evernote. Every now and then I go through them all to see what I’ve been thinking on. Here’s the latest on fat loss and training. Enjoy!

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Fat Loss Is Not About Willpower

You’ve set yourself a clear goal to reach your health goal in six months. You’ve know that the biggest road block is your appetite for sweets at work. You’re motivated, committed and maxed out on willpower.
Until the first busy afternoon at work when your stress levels are through the roof. You start fancying a thought of a sweet sweet chocolate goodness. You try not to think of that vending machine loaded with chocolate bars. Or that bowl of chocolates in the break room. But no matter how hard you try the chocolate goodness creeps back in your head until it become impossible to resist. So you give in and make the vending machine sing, but only today. Because tomorrow you’re stronger, more motivated, even more committed and full of willpower.
And then tomorrow afternoon rolls around and you repeat the same cycle. Same thing happens over and over again. Why is that and what to do about it? To find an answer we have to revisit a couple of studies from the past.

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