In a recent Huberman Lab podcast, Dr Andy Galpin talked about the four buckets of focus.

1. Business/work
2. Relationships
3. Fitness
4. Recovery/rest/whatever makes you feel recharged and g-g-g-gooooood

You have 10 points to allocate between the buckets. To shove points in one bucket means taking them away from another bucket.

I love this concept because it forces the painful realisation (yet again) that we can’t chase all our goals at once.

Besides the points for recovery being at least half of that of fitness, there aren’t guidelines on how to best allocate the points. Getting them in perfect harmony isn’t the idea.

The idea is to have the points divided to support your current business, life, or fitness goals.

Here’s what up.

Are you happy with how you’ve currently divided your points? Do they support where you want to go next?