As a parent and a business owner, you’re constantly solving small and big problems throughout the day.

Who’s picking the kids up from daycare? When do I take Rudolph to the vet? What marketing strategy am I going to implement? How can I empathetically explain to my kid that taking the teddy bear into bed will likely provide a much nicer sleeping experience than the potato peeler?

Right? It’s exhausting. Once you make one decision and solve one problem, another one arises. “Ok, I don’t know if taking garden scissors and a bucket of autumn green paint into bed is the best idea either.”

But there are some decisions you can put on autopilot to leave more brainpower for the problems that count:

  • Eat the same (or very similar) breakfast and lunch on most days
  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time on most days
  • Have a pre-planned workout program to follow
  • Limit your wardrobe selection
  • Set up filters for emails
  • Use direct debits for your bills
  • Implement time blocks in your workday so you know what you should be working on throughout the day (I definitely did not do this today)

Some of this might take some time and planning upfront (like taking most of your clothes to Vinnies). But once set up, you can focus on what matters.