Books from 2022

Here are a few books I enjoyed this year. In case you’re looking for something to read during the holidays.

The Egyptian – This historical novel written in the 1940s is still one of the most accurate descriptions of Ancient Egypt. It’s 700-something pages, but well worth the effort.

Breakfast of Champions – Classic Vonnegut. In every possible sense.

Bandwidth – Dystopian novel or a prediction of the (very) near future? Not necessarily the type of book I would usually pick. But this was r-i-v-e-t-i-n-g.

Napoleon: A Life – In-depth adventure into Napoleon’s personality, life and legacy. After reading Churchill’s biography by Andrew Roberts, this felt like the next logical step.

Raising Boys – Blueprint to what boys need to grow up to be happy, confident grown-ups.

Gulag – As Russia’s leadership is a fucked up as it is, this one’s a timely read. Can we predict the future by looking into the past? I sure hope not.

As I am listing these, I realise that last year I mostly read books written by men. It’s a shame since women often offer insights that men miss (or don’t think of as relevant). Anne Applebaum’s Gulag is a great example.

So, my plan going into 2023 is to read more books written by women.

What books caught your attention this year? I’d love to hear your recommendations.