Why Motivation Isn’t Enough

This person knows nothing of routines. Such a clown.

This much we’ve already established in the past: you need to find your why to get anywhere with your health and training goals. But, the why driving the motivation in itself isn’t enough to keep you going towards your goals when you get blindsided with life’s randomness.

You know, when you get elbow checked to the head and momentarily struggle to find the east. Continue reading

The Case for Vigorous Movement – For Those Not Motivated by Pure Vanity

Swirl when you’re winning.

This is the monster article I mentioned a while back. I got inspired to write it after reading this 52 page research, Role of Inactivity in Chronic Diseases: Evolutionary Insight and Pathophysiological Mechanisms. A real page-turner. And heavily referenced in this article.

Here’s what to expect:

Part I is about the benefits of participating in frequent vigorous movement, beyond of the “to look good on Instagram”. Yes, for most people a part of training motivation is the vanity aspect. That’s cool. I am not above that. Honestly, it’s probably a bit weird if it’s not. Yet, if you are like me and motivated more than just owning a body you can rub in coconut oil, this is for you.

In the end of Part I I’ll cover how much of physical activity to aim for at minimum.

Part II dwells further into physical inactivity and how it relates to osteoporosis, cardiovascular health and mental health, among other nasty stuff. So if you want to know the specifics of why physical movement is the best thing ever, you’ll love Part II. In the same way you love Godfather Part II vs Part I. I mean, both are amazing. But in unique ways. Continue reading

“I Train so I Can Eat”

“I train so I can eat.”

This is something I often hear when people state their reasons for training. Everyone’s entitled to have their reasons but I don’t like this one. It’s a doomed thought process that easily leads into train more, eat less-, or train more, eat more – mentality. Continue reading

80% – The Key to a Happier and Healthier Life?

I am convinced that’s a sign for the bathrooms. Or maybe Mayhem – the band is playing a gig. In the bathrooms.


Let’s rewind first what 80% rule is all about and then apply it to everything.

We’ve already established that 80% rule works wonders for training. Something that I wrote about in here after being enlightened about it by Max Shank. It means that if you can do 12 reps on a given weight do 9, and so on. Always leave some in the tank. Continue reading

Three Days of Non-Gym Fitness

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I am a big proponent of two aspects of fitness:

  1. Doing fitness-stuff outside of the gym
  2. Doing fitness-stuff inside the gym to be better at the fitness-stuff outside of the gym

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Good vs Bad Fitness Hacks

Anything you say, I believe.

We love hacks. The quick fixes, the shortcuts, the simple solutions that promise to solve our most complex issues. Most hacks give us a false sense of hope that we can skip the long road ahead. They lure us away from the actual work in hopes of an easier way. Continue reading