As you age, power decreases at the rate of 1.5 that of strength. Maintaining and improving power in your 40s and beyond is crucial for aging and thriving like an absolute badass.

But what is power really?

Power is the speed at which you can exert maximum muscular strength. It’s about how quickly you can exert force, involving more explosive, quick movements.

Mmmmmkay, but what does that mean?

– Tripping on a tree root, catching your footing and avoiding losing the front teeth.
– Quick turns on the slopes.
– Getting on the board fast enough to catch a wave.
– And, when older, power can be the difference between slipping in the shower and breaking your hip and not breaking it.

Convinced? Here’s how to train power at home.

You need a kettlebell with a challenging weight. 12kg is good for most women when first practising the form.

But you want to jump 16kg sooner rather than later. And eventually to 20kg.

3 sets of 8-10 reps. Three times a week.

Keep the reps crisp.