This week’s Fitt Insider newsletter had some encouraging facts on how little it actually takes to improve our health.

The TL;DR version? Anything away from zero, and we’re winning.

“It’s becoming more clear that even a few minutes of movement goes a long way. 

  • Just 3.4 minutes per day of vigorous lifestyle physical activity (like climbing stairs or fast walking) led to a ~17% decrease in cancer incidence; 4.5 minutes translated to ~31%.
  • 30–60 minutes of strength training per week reduces all-cause mortality by 10–17%, with additional inverse links to CVD [cardiovascular disease], diabetes, and some cancers.
  • 20 minutes of physical activity yields a 43% drop in the risk of developing depression, while exercise was found to be 1.5x more effective than leading antidepressants.

Even the vaunted 10K steps per day rule is getting rolled back, with 2.3K steps improving heart health and 4K shown to reduce the risk of all-cause mortality.”

And for those of you in high places:

“…if employers encouraged their workforce to walk an extra 15 minutes per day (~2K steps), the global economy would gain $100B from improved productivity and life expectancy.”