Are your good routines actually that good?

How often do you evaluate routines that you consider insignificant or even good?

Since stopping my afternoon coffee habit, I’ve realised how much of a hindrance it actually was to the usual flow of the day.

Most pieces of the day, at least on work days, had to slot around that performance of making and drinking coffee.

That, and the coffee rarely went down on its own. If there were cookies or something else sweet in the house, I’d have a borderline paranormal sixth sense of finding them.

Now, instead of feeling the thought of coffee pull me away from whatever I am engaged in at the time (family, work etc.), I can more easily focus on what matters.

I feel kind of liberated. And not in a kinky way.


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If that makes you feel all kinds of excited, reply, and we can see if and how this coaching program might be a good fit for you.