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I offer personal training, semi-private personal training and online coaching for busy professionals who struggle to give 100 percent effort to their favourite recreational activities after being injured. Getting confident and better at life and sport starts by developing a solid foundation of movement, strength and fitness. 

I focus on effective and reasonable approach to health and fitness which leaves you with more time for the activities you love.

Reasonable approach doesn’t mean that any of this will be easy. This requires you to embrace a long-term approach while ignoring quick fixes and you need to be willing to put in the work to get results, otherwise your goals are just wishes. My coaching is not cheap and I have Improvement Guarantee and commitment to your results. I expect the same commitment from you.

But if you’re serious about getting better, none of that will be an issue. 

My clientele includes post-rehab clients looking to get stronger after knee-, shoulder-, hip-, and spine injuries. That being said, I am a personal trainer, not a clinician. Depending on where you are in the process of your rehab, you might require skills beyond of my scope of practice. When needed I work together with clinicians or doctors to get you the best possible results.

From an experience I know that people lose strength and form poor movement habits during an injury. And since you want to avoid re-injury and pain at all cost you might feel confused and nervous about returning to training after clinical rehab. That’s why each new client goes through a goal setting session and detailed movement screen so I can design the most effective training plan for your situation. Making your progress safer and more effective.

To inquire on availability and start times for any of the coaching options, please fill out the coaching questionnaire form.

Improvement Guarantee

If after three months you haven’t gotten any measurable strength or flexibility improvements you will get your money back AND I will pay your month with another trainer of your choice. Even if he or she lives in Spain*. To be eligible for the Improvement Guarantee you will need to commit to training twice a week for a minimum of three months.

*Travel not included. But it would still be cool to train with someone in Spain. That’s in Europe, you know.

Coaching Prices

Movement Screen and Individual Appointments

Semi-Private Coaching (3-on-1)
Twice a week training $150/week*
Three times a week training $225/week*

Personal Training (1-on-1)
Twice a week training $220 per week*
Three times a week training $330 per week*
Once a week training $120 per week*

Distance / Hybrid of Distance and In-Person Coaching
On case-by-case bases. Please inquire.

*Payments are monthly. Spaces are very limited

Depending on your situation, experience, personality and preference, in-person coaching is delivered either in a 3-on-1 Semi-Private format, or in the traditional 1-on-1 Personal Training setting.

The 3-on-1 Semi-Private format is fully individualised and based on your goals and your program. Semi-Private is not a group training where everyone does the same program. The only difference to the traditional 1-on-1 personal training is that you share the coaching time with other people.

You’ll fit in, no matter what your experience level is. I have a strong no dickheads-policy. All my clients are amazing, friendly and supportive. They’ve gone through similar struggles as you are currently dealing with.

Semi-Private coaching is also more economical. You can train more frequently compared to traditional personal training. More training frequency –> more accountability –> more results.

What Results can you expect* (*results are typical)

  • Have a strong, resilient and pain-fee body and get more out of life and sporting activities outside of the gym. 
  • Better posture to strut the streets like Danko Jones.
  • Feel confident about your body and what it can do. Stop letting poor confidence stand in the way of a richer life.
  • Learn to get and keep your results without adhering to strict rules.

What’s NOT included

Meal plans, supplements, psychology services, physiotherapy or massage. Nothing that goes beyond learning movement skills, smart training and mobility required to build a confident, healthy, strong and a resilient body. But I can refer you to my network of great professionals for everything else. 

I don’t offer quick “fixes” or 12 weeks to Supercharged Hulk Abs—programs. There are no magic bullets, secret elixirs or witchcraft voodoo. All of my most successful clients appreciate continuous improvement over long-term by mastering the basics, instead of continuously chasing for novelty. 

To inquire on availability and start times for any of the coaching options, please fill out the coaching questionnaire form.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am recovering from an injury and afraid I will re-injure myself if I start to exercise. 

Very valid concern, I’ve been there too. And so have most of my clients. We’ll start by doing a movement screen and assessment so you can have a program that empowers you to build a strong and resilient body while keeping you safe. And in case I can’t help you, I promise to be honest with you and refer you to someone who can.

I need to lose 20 kilograms. I’ve tried before and failed multiple times. Are you able to help?

I’ll be honest. I am confident I can help someone who wants lose 5 to 8 kilograms. I can help you to get stronger and fitter but if you have a lot of weight to lose, I am not your best option. From my experience, losing a lot of weight (especially if it has been a problem for a long time) often requires more emotional and psychological support than what I am qualified to provide.

However, I can recommend some great people I trust who can help you better than I can.

I once had a trainer, and he saw nausea as a badge of honor and I don’t really get it. I kept fainting and feeling nauseous when training and I always left the gym feeling tired and lethargic. Is this any different?

You shouldn’t go to the gym with a goal of getting tired. Anyone can make you tired, I want to help you get better at the things you enjoy in life. I want you to walk out of every session feeling better than when you walked in. We’ll do this by having a smart, progressive training plan and eating habits that will support your training goals.

I find the exercise machines robotic and lifeless. Will I be sitting on machines with this program?

No machines with me. Nothing more boring and pointless than sitting on a machine counting repetitions. My programs will get you moving and feeling energized.

I’ve been going on and off gyms in the past and made absolutely no progress. How is this different?

Training without a plan is the same as trying to get from point A to point B without directions. Endlessly frustrating. You will have a clear training plan to follow so you can start seeing results.

I feel alienated from training. I hate it and find it dreadful. I find going to funerals more fun that gyms. Is this going to work? 

Maybe. But I will promise you that if you stick with the training in the beginning, you’ll see results and it will eventually become more enjoyable than funerals. I see this happening with clients over and over again.

You seem to possess an extremely luscious set of hair. Is there a specific conditioner you recommend?’

Well thank you. I can’t take the full credit for it as it’s mostly inherited and can’t be bought. But since you asked, I use a mixture of Vegemite, Finnish salty licorice and organic high-altitude Acai fruit all grind together in a bowl I got for participating in cross-country skiing when I was seven. I then rub it into my scalp with movements as soft as Morgan Freeman’s voice. Ideally in the tune of Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor while I sit in my glass cage of positive emotions. Which is in a submarine. Docked at the end of a rainbow. In Spain. That’s in Europe, you know.

Failing that, I think VS Sassoon would work too.

To inquire on availability and start times for any of the coaching options, please fill out the coaching questionnaire form.

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