Who’s Joonas Anyways?

Who’s Joonas Anyways?

Let’s get the main point out of the way without sounding like a third person robot:

Hey, I’m Joonas. I help outdoor sport enthusiasts with injury concerns to get back onto the trails.

Not for the sake of competition, but to explore. Not to rush, but to reconnect with nature, ourselves and the people we care about.

For those eager to read a proper bio: I am a recovering fitness addict.

In my twenties life was mostly about the gym. I was counting calories with the same obsession that Stephen Hawking counted the awareness of space. Every training session had to resemble the van Damme’s Kickboxer training montage. This lead to orthorexic eating, over-training and being constantly sick or injured.

I was dealing with relentless back and hip pain and had my share of shoulder and knee issues.

I probably spent more money on doctors and physios than Donald Trump spends on orange tanning lotion. And I kept repeating the same cycle over and over again. In a hindsight it made as much sense as continuously sticking fingers in to a motorised pencil sharpener.

Long story semi-short, around 2013 something clicked.

In a good way. It’s been a gradual change that led me to train and move with a purpose. My goal is to live, and help my clients live, as fulfilling and active life as possible. To me a big part of that life is exploring the great outdoors with family and friends. Having a strong and resilient body is a corner stone of that life.

Training less, but smarter has improved the quality of my life and the quality of the relationships I have. And somewhat paradoxically, I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I was during my relentless fitness addict years.

That’s me on the right with long hair. Great butt, right?

What? You want to read even more of a bio? You got it: In 2018 I wrote and published a book.

Spandex Not Compulsory – How to Get (and Remain) Strong, Fit and Confident without Restrictive Rules is a part confession, part self-help, and part health and fitness book about teaching others how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

With a close to a decade of coaching clients, I know a thing or two about how to, and how not to train.

I don’t just write about strength, health, fitness and life in some dark and greasy suburban basement in between marathon sessions of Mario Kart and eating Doritos.

As for some random trivia…

I grew up in the harsh Arctic temperatures of the Finnish Lapland. This (partly) explains my deep affection for black coffee and Slayer. Although, as much of a metalhead as I am, Bruce Springsteen is by far my favourite superhero.

My eternal chase of sunshine and curiosity for travel led me to Australia. I’ve called Sydney home since 2007. And for those of you not quite fluent in the pronunciation of Finnish names, it’s Yoo-nas. Rad, right?

Thanks for being here. Stick around, get yourself a cup of coffee (or Scotch or pinot), pull your feet up, make yourself comfortable.

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