Ever find yourself scarfing down a pack of Oreos simply because it was within arm’s reach? Skipping a workout because your gym clothes were buried under a mountain of laundry?

Who hasn’t, right? We’re creatures of habit, and our environment dictates our habits more than we feel comfortable admitting. The upside is that we can use that insight to make healthier choices easier.

Make healthy things easier and unhealthy things harder.

“Nudge” yourself towards better choices by reorganizing your environment. Stock the fridge with vegetables, keep your runners by the door, automate that monthly contribution to your savings account, and only buy expensive, top-shelf wine.

At the same time, add complexity to the choices that move you away from your goals. Limit the number of treats in the house and keep them out of sight, disable one-click purchasing for online shopping, keep the laundry bucket in the garage so you’re less likely to do washing and eventually someone else gets sick of the pile and does it and that makes you really happy because you can go for a run with Sarah instead.

You’re more likely to stick to a regimen when you’re not constantly fighting your environment.