Here’s a glimpse of an interaction I had with a client the other day. Discussing self-sabotage and identity and how they might mingle in a way that gets her away from her goals.

Maybe you notice some similarities in yourself?

For context, she’s had a few weeks where she’s missed most of her workouts. Something that’s completely normal in this whole health and fitness thing.

This is all shared with permission.

As a side note, I would actually consider her athletic. Just based on her outdoor activities, she wants to have more energy and strength for. But what I think is irrelevant here.

I can feel a rant boiling up inside me… But let’s see what else she has to say.

Because of how our society defines “athletic”, she’s always felt like she doesn’t belong in that crowd. Just more evidence showing the mental gap between “fit people” and the rest.

I don’t have all the answers on how to close that gap. But what I do know is that posting shiftless six-pack photos on Instagram isn’t going to fucking do it.