The more often you ask yourself, “Am I going to exercise today?” the more often you allow yourself to say no.

And whether you’re going to say no to exercise today, tomorrow, and in the weeks and months ahead depends on your mood, energy, stress, and availability on any given day. That and all the other factors that come with a busy family life and a thriving business.

You can forever remove the opportunity to say no to exercise by making one decision today.

“I am going to exercise every day.”

Now, you’re on the hook. The daily question is no longer if you’re going to exercise but what kind of exercise you will do.

But you’re also making things easier for yourself. You build a habit with repetition. And there is no better way to build in the reps than by doing them daily.

This is why I decided to send an email every weekday instead of my previous one or two a week. Because 99% of the time, it’s easier to write and publish every day than it is to wrestle with the build-up of anxiety, knowing that I have to send something every Thursday.

It’s counterintuitive. But it works.