It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the changes you think you should implement to improve your health.

Whether it’s the widely different expert advice online. Or the well-intentioned but often always misfiring advice from friends, colleagues, or the nana next door who really wants you to know her opinion about how you should eat, parent, and live.

Would your health be better off if you exercised an hour daily, ate 21 healthy meals a week, and permanently duck-taped the cork on the pinot? Yeah. I’d say your health would improve.

But let’s be real. Unless there are some significant health issues on the immediate horizon, or you possess the mind of a reinforced concrete, that’s just not going to happen.

Meanwhile, an hour of exercise a week instead of zero is an improvement.

Eating 14 healthy meals instead of 13 is a win.

And going every second day pinotless is worth a parrot sticker.

Is any of that perfect? Nope.

But we don’t care about perfection. We care that you’re doing better than you did before.


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