Joonas Heikkinen

Personal Trainer for Busy Grown Ups 

Author of Spandex Not Compulsory

Writer of Reps – how to improve strength, health and confidence
and The Rest 
– how to live a content life, and not be a dickhead

I help busy adults who struggle to return to their favourite recreational activities after being injured. Getting confident and better at life and sport starts by developing a solid foundation of movement, strength and fitness. 

Being a former fitness addict, I focus on effective and reasonable approach to health and fitness which leaves you with more time for the activities you love.

Although I am serious about my work, I try not to take myself too seriously while doing it. Sometimes it works.

Learn more about Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training (if you’re in Sydney) and Online Coaching (if you’re in, say, Toronto, or Tampere)

Random Facts About Joonas (it’s my blog after all)