“I was suffering from shoulder and back pain, and a knee injury from doing the Oxfam 100 km hike two years ago. I had to stop hiking because of it.

Joonas has made a big difference to improve and even resolve the problems I had. My shoulder pains have gone entirely. No more tight hamstrings or hips. I no longer need a fortnightly massage to untie those knots. I have started smaller hikes again and snowboarding without any pain in my knees. And my overall fitness has improved. I was boarding seven days on a recent snow trip.”

But Joonas also helped me change my overall outlook on fitness and nutrition. I am stronger, healthier and leaner because of it. – Rachel Cornish

Reclaim your strength, energy and fitness.

To go from lethargic, weak and in pain to strong, resilient, and full of energy.

Not to be a gym junkie, but to live a vigorous life outdoors.
Not to compete, but to explore and complete.
Not to rush, but to reconnect with nature, yourself, and the people you love.

Inspire and help others to do the same. And shape a better world.