Joonas Heikkinen, Personal Trainer

Coaching for the busy professionals who struggle to get back into their recreational activities after being injured. Whether you are passionate about playing golf or the guitar, getting your confidence back up starts with a solid foundation of movement, strength and fitness. 

Embrace the process, because there are no quick-fixes.
Train with purpose, because tiredness doesn’t equal success. 

I am committed to your results and expect the same commitment from you. Not a hardcore-rah-rah-fitness-hermit – level of commitment, but a reasonable commitment required to reach your goals.

If that sounds like your jam, and you are reasonably committed to overcome your movement and strength problems, I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Learn more about Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training (if you’re in Sydney) and Online Coaching (if you’re not)

Random Facts About Joonas