Joonas Heikkinen
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Efficient fitness, better health, less stressful life.

That’s this website in a nutshell. Sort of.

Here are few facts about Joonas:

For those not quite fluent in the pronunciation of Finnish names, it’s Yoo-nas. Rad, right? And no, my last name has nothing to do with a certain Dutch beer empire.

Instead of just writing about fitness in some dark suburban basement, I actually coach people in real life at Fitness First Barangaroo in Sydney CBD, and online.

I am a recovering fitness addict. In my twenties life revolved around counting calories, spending countless hours in the gym, being sick and getting injured. I felt empty and frustrated. Something needed to change. After years of struggles and plenty of lessons learned, I now have a better balance between fitness and life than ever before. This improved not only the quality of my life, but also the quality of the relationships I have. And in my mid-thirties I am healthier and fitter than I was in my twenties.

In 2018 I wrote and published a book, Spandex Not Compulsory – How to Get (and Remain) Strong, Fit and Confident without Restrictive Rules. 

Growing up in the harsh Arctic temperatures of the Finnish Lapland partly explains my deep affection for black coffee, heavy metal and the eternal search for sunshine. I’ve called Sydney home since 2007.

I am happily married, mainly because my wife has the patience of a saint (well, with me anyway). Our son is currently busy figuring out life. Aren’t we all. We also have two cats, both great, although neither gives two shits about our furniture.

Thanks for being here. Stick around, get yourself a cup of coffee, pull your feet up, make yourself comfortable.