Online Coaching

Online Coaching

I do coach people in-person too.
And have been doing so for almost a decade.


You are struggling to notice any improvements in the activities you love. Despite your training efforts, you’re not feeling stronger on the bike. There’s no improvements in energy and stamina when hiking.

The mainstream training programs only seem to aggravate your aches and pains. It’s the ‘one step forward, three steps back’ – groundhog cycle which sucks the joy out of the things that are important to you.

You’ve had enough of the strict training and diet approaches. You know, the ones where the training plan requires a religious cult-like commitment and you’re required to suck broccoli florets through a straw.

Getting sustainable results requires patience to ignore quick fixes

In my coaching we focus on efficient, reasonable and joint-friendly approach to strength and fitness, and learning sustainable and simple ways to improve your eating habits whenever necessary.

The good news? This leaves you with more time for the activities you love. And for a meaningful life in general. Which is always nicer than eating and training like a one-dimensional robot.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t be easy by any means. Results require you to show up and do the work. Both in and outside of the sessions.

But role playing Full Metal Jacket bootcamp scenes isn’t what my clients are into

If you are after a trainer who subs as a Satan’s right hand man, my coaching is not for you. This is training to get you stronger and better than your previous self. Not about some pseudo-military-bootcamp-I-am-Troy bullshit.

“I was battling with an injury that prevented me from doing any running at all. I was able to get back to competing and completed a 100 kilometre race shortly after. The training was essential part for me being successful in my races.”
– Mat

“Thanks Joonas, you need to take a lot of the credit for keeping my body on the bike to get through the training… the work we did made a massive difference and my body has pulled up really well this week.”
– Kristeen, after 1400km Tour de Cure


Available anywhere with an internet connection.

The Reps and The Rest Online Coaching is for the active outdoor fanatics who want to feel strong and confident in the things they love doing.

And let’s be honest, everybody wants to look good Riverdancing semi-naked while staring into the blazing evening fire. That just so happens to be next to a crystal clear lake. In Switzerland.

This is a reasonable, principle-based, no-bullshit approach to health and fitness that fits into your busy life to deliver sustainable results

RATR Online Coaching is not a hardcore rules-based 12-week miracle approach to coconut oil lubricated six pack abs and juicy Kardashian butts. You are not expected to suck broccoli florets through a straw.

Principle-based coaching is exactly what makes this more challenging (and rewarding) than your average rules-based dictatorship coaching.

This is coaching for the thinking person. Sure, I’ll teach you the methods and the tools to be successful. But principle-based coaching requires painstakingly deep introspection on your part. And at times it’ll be uncomfortable.

Why online coaching might not be right for you

  • If you want someone to put your weights in place and carry your towel.
  • You don’t have a suitable training space in your home.
  • You’d like to know how I smell in-person. Weirdo. And, decent.

Why online coaching could be your jam

  • You are busy and don’t want to be tied to a specific training time.
  • You don’t live in Sydney, or you travel heaps and need the convenience to train remotely.
  • You like to train on your own, but need a program and the accountability to keep you on track.

“I have started smaller hikes again and snowboarding without any pain in my knees. My overall fitness has improved, I lasted 6-8 days boarding on a recent 10 day snow trip to the US.”
– Rachel


(3 months minimum)
Individualised strength / mobility training program with the equipment you’ve got*
Videos for all the exercises
Healthy habit coaching (optional)
Adjustments to training and habits based on your results and feedback
Monthly video / live appointment
Private members forum
AUD $350 / month
Additional live / video coaching appointments $100 (45min)
*Whether you’ve got a full gym access, few weights, a cat or your nana’s old toaster. I’ll make it work.


Sure can, ese.

1-on-1 appointments are $120 per sessions. After four appointments you have the option to join 3-on-1 Small Group Training at $70 per session (minimum twice a week).

A fully individualised training program is included in all the options. Your training is based on your goals, your body and your equipment availability. How dope is that?


*If you decide to go ahead with coaching after the Strategy Session
I will reduce your first payment by $100.

The 90 Day Improvement Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the improvements in the activities you love, I will refund 100% of the money you have invested in my services. And I’ll donate $500 to a cause of your choice. As long as it’s not the Australian Nazi Party. Or any Nazi party for that matter.

And in case you’re interested
Code of Ethics
10 Principle for Training