Strength for Hiking and Silent Outdoor Sports

Strength for Hiking and Silent Outdoor Sports


Your joints are flipping you the bird and it sucks the enjoyment out of the outdoor sports you love doing.

You feel an anxiety spiced physical and mental shit storm arising with the sight of any bigger hill on the horizon. And your body feels like you’ve been hit by a Kubelwagen after longer hikes.

You want a training approach that works without leaving you sore, achy and injured. You want a challenging “do it anywhere” program that delivers results with using only kettlebells/dumbbells and resistance bands.

You don’t have the luxury to spend hours in the gym each day. In fact, you rather train at home or outside without hearing another ear-bleed inducing Justin Bieber song. Why is his music popular anyways?


The Reps and The Rest Online Coaching is for the outdoor sport enthusiasts who want to move with strength and confidence and recover faster.

I train regular mums, dads, husbands and wives who want to reclaim the confidence in what their body can do. For them a fulfilling, youthful life, regardless of the age, means adventure in the trails, mountains, and on the water.

Not necessarily to compete, but to explore and complete.
Not to rush, but to connect with nature, self and loved ones.

And let’s be honest, everybody wants to look good river dancing semi-naked in front of a blazing evening camp fire. That just so happens to be next to a crystal clear lake. In Switzerland.

I do my best work with clients who are self-motivated learners.

People who are willing to storm through Normandy to reclaim their athleticism and to rediscover the confidence in their body. Their superpower is not about having a natural born talent. But consistently showing up and doing the work.

Instead of quick temporary fixes, we embrace sustainable progress.

You deserve results that last a lifetime.

Role playing Full Metal Jacket bootcamp scenes isn’t what we are into.

Client-centred coaching is like a dance. I will guide you in the right direction. When you struggle (and you will), we will solve it together. Dancing shouldn’t feel like wrestling. I can’t drag you to your goals. We have to move together as a team.

If you are after a trainer who subs as a Satan’s right hand man, my coaching is not for you. This is training to get you stronger, fitter and more resilient than your previous self.

Not about some pseudo-military-bootcamp-I-am-Troy bullshit.

“I was battling with an injury that prevented me from doing any running at all. I was able to get back to competing and completed a 100 kilometre race shortly after. The training was essential part for me being successful in my races.”
– Mat

“Thanks Joonas, you need to take a lot of the credit for keeping my body on the bike to get through the training… the work we did made a massive difference and my body has pulled up really well this week.”
– Kristeen, after 1400km Tour de Cure

Why online coaching might not be right for you

  • If you don’t want to follow a training program on your phone and keep a detailed records of your progress.
  • If you don’t already trust my approach and coaching. I won’t try to convince you here now.
  • If you have a complex injury issues that require in-person training.
  • If you prefer text-message like communication and don’t like to write detailed responses.

Why online coaching could be your jam

  • You are already familiar with basic training techniques and exercises.
  • You need the convenience to train at a time that suits you the best.
  • You are self-motivated to reach your goals.
  • You want someone to guide and coach you through the process and help you connect the dots.

“I have started smaller hikes again and snowboarding without any pain in my knees. My overall fitness has improved, I lasted 6-8 days boarding on a recent 10 day snow trip to the US.”
– Rachel


We start with a thorough review of your goals, training history and other factors in your life. This is followed by a video consultation call so I can create your training program based on what you need.

You’ll access your individualised program via mobile training app with detailed video instruction included for each exercise. I’ll adjust your program as you progress.

You’ll gain access to our private coaching forum where you will progress towards your goals with me and other like-minded coaching clients. All the coaching happens in this group. You can post videos for technique checks, ask all your training questions, and submit voice clips of your best Al Pacino impression.

“Either we heal now, as a team. Or we will die as individuals.”

Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday

Confession: I don’t really give a shit about football. But that’s a great scene.

[Three months minimum]
Initial video consultation call
Individualised strength, movement and conditioning training program using kettlebells/dumbbells and resistance bands
Video instruction for all the exercises
Adjustments to training based on your results and feedback
Private coaching group
AUD $300 / month


The 90 Day Improvement Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the improvements in the activities you love, I will refund 100% of the money you have invested in my services. And I’ll donate $500 to a cause of your choice. As long as it’s not the Australian Nazi Party. Or any Nazi party for that matter.

And in case you’re interested
Code of Ethics
10 Principle for Training