Helping outdoor enthusiasts over 40 Rediscover strength and energy, regardless of injuries.

Not to be a gym rat, but to live an active life in a body that’s strong, healthy, and capable.

So you can explore, reconnect, and complete.

“Thanks Joonas for giving me my life back.”

by Chris Vein, former Deputy U.S. CTO for Government Innovation in the Obama White House and former World Bank CIO.

“Sounds a bit melodramatic doesn’t it? But not for me. I was sleep-deprived, falling asleep in elevators, restaurants, taxis. I was starting to hunch over when I walked. I was scared. I knew I needed help.

Getting my life back proved to be frustratingly slow. It required patience and persistence. “Extremely simple, yet frustratingly difficult” cannot be truer. But fast forward one year and I’m a new person. Well, I feel like one anyway.

It’s about taking control − owning one’s life. And owning one’s health is simply the only way to do that. The payoff is huge.

Thanks Joonas!”