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How to live a healthy lifestyle without strict rules?

That’s what this site is all about.

Well, mostly anyways.

You dig?

Goal Setting

Set Your Own Standards for a Perfect Body

Goal Setting When You Don’t Know What You Want

Align Your Goals with Your Values

Changing Habits

Habit Change Made Ridiculously Simple

How To Find More Time for Healthy Habits

Why Your Habits Don’t Work

Better Movement for Better Results

The Missing Link to a Safer and More Effective Training

Good vs Bad Fitness Hacks

Simple Way to Improve Joint Health

Monster Flexibility OR How to Be as Flexible as JCVD (in the 80’s)

Your Current Approach to Fitness is Failing You

Movement Integrity and Why It Matters

Train Better

Enough of Pseudo-Hardcore Training

Train Less, See Progress

Commonalities With People Who Ace It With Training

Know When To Stop

Training Template For The Time-Poor

Exercise Mistakes That Limit Your Results

The Easy Approach to Training When “Life Happens”

Why and How to Stop Training for Fat Loss

Better Eating Habits for Better Results

“I Train so I Can Eat”

My Mostly Plant-Based Diet

Conquering Donut Cravings

You Can’t Out-Train Unhealthy Diet

The Ultimate Guide for Getting Lean without Hating Life

Practical Thoughts on Winning in Lifting and Eating

Lifelong Fitness

Is Fitness Only a Band-Aid for Poor Health?

Three Days of Non-Gym Fitness

Gracefulness For a Better Body And Mind

Game Changers for a Better Health

The Health and Fitness Skill Deficit Puzzle

It’s OK to Let Go During Holidays (or any other time)

The Odd Routines That Will Make You Healthier

Stop Killing Yourself!

Adjusting Training and Eating Habits for Lifelong Success

66 Unconventional Ways for Exceptional Fat Loss, Fitness and Health

More Motivation

The Case for Vigorous Movement – For Those Not Motivated by Pure Vanity

When You Feel Unmotivated

The Future You Wants You to Stop Skipping Workouts

The Fitness Excitement Rollercoaster & How To Deal with It-ish

Comfort and Happiness Are Often Incompatible

You Will Exhaust Your Motivation Soon

3 Questions for Motivation That Could Be More Powerful Than “Why”

Mindfulness & Mental Magic

Discontent is a Poor Glue for Life

80% – The Key to a Happier and Healthier Life?

The Skill of Being Still

Quest for More Clarity

Dating Me

What Is The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy That You Keep Telling Yourself?

Are You Brave Enough To Question Everything?

The Value of Play and Mental Deload

How to Improve Your Happiness Exchange Rate

Is Self-Shaming Corroding Your Chances of Change?

About Joonas

Story of a Recovering Fitness Addict

Thoughts On… 

The following are more or less my digital notebook copy/pasted as a blog. They cover a bunch of random stuff about a bunch of random topics. Depending on what I’ve been reading, learning, thinking, doing, or who I’ve hung out with at the time. Like a time capsule. With coffee. And fire. I put them here because a bunch of people seem to enjoy reading a bunch of random stuff about a bunch random stuff. Go figure.

I: Habits, Road and The Destination
II: Fitness for Life, Busyness and Sticking with It
III: Learning, Values, Peacefulness and Being a Good Person
IV: Fat Loss and Movement
V: Life
VI: Stress, Habits, Mindfulness
VII: Health, Results, Productivity, People
VIII: Life, Learning and Teaching
IX: August – October 2016
X: January 2017
XI: May 2017
XII: August 2017



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