Joonas Heikkinen

Personal trainer, coach and a writer.
I help people who struggle with strength and confidence after an injury.

I work with in-person coaching clients in Barangaroo, Sydney CBD.

You can read all my best articles here.

Trivial stuff

I grew up in the freezing Arctic temperatures of Finnish Lapland which (partly) explains my dark and weird sense of humor, love for heavy metal and the eternal search for sunshine. In 2007 I moved to Sydney, Australia, where I live today. For those not quite fluent in the pronunciation of Finnish names, it’s Yoo-nas.

Digging all things movement while preaching the reasonable approach to fitness is my jam, but I get kicks out of other things too:

  • Music (anything from GN’R to John Coltrane to Machine Head)
  • Playing guitar
  • Improv Theater
  • Minimalism and simplicity (my lens for health and fitness too)
  • Travelling (33 countries so far, none of which start with ‘Z’)
  • Reading and learning about awesome things
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Bruce Willis movies
  • Black coffee, potatoes, peanut butter and single malts (not necessarily together)